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Abstract. This paper provides an architectural overview of the rst release of the AVA platform, codenamed AVA Borealis 5 . For details on the economics of the native token, labelled $AVA, we guide the reader to the accompanying token dynamics paper [3]. Disclosure: The information described in this paper is preliminary and subject to change at any time. Furthermore, this paper may contain \forward-looking statements.”

Git Commit: 1c3cbae03be49ae218a35e0a79ecb74aaf801c05


This paper provides an architectural overview of the AVA platform. …

Elrond ist für starkes Wachstum in turbulenten Märkten gut aufgestellt


Elrond hat durch zwei wesentliche Innovationen eine neuartige Architektur geschaffen. 1) Adaptive State Sharding-Technologie und 2) Sicherer Proof of Stake (PoS) -Konsens. Dieses Protokoll wird ein skalierbares Ökosystem ermöglichen, das in Interkonnektivität eingebettet ist und gleichzeitig die Dezentralisierungs-, Sicherheits- und Fairness-Funktionen einer öffentlichen Blockchain beibehält. Die Testergebnisse haben eine 1000-fache Steigerung im Vergleich zu bestehenden Lösungen auf dem Markt mit einem durchschnittlichen Durchsatz von 30.000 Transaktionen pro Sekunde (tps), einer Blockierungszeit von 5 Sekunden und vernachlässigbaren Gebühren ergeben.

Seit Elronds Gründung hat das Projekt sowohl technische als auch geschäftliche…

Elrond well positioned for strong growth amidst turbulent markets

Company Overview

Elrond has created a novel architecture through two key innovations; 1) adaptive state sharding technology and 2) Secure Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus. This protocol will enable a scalable ecosystem embedded with interconnectivity while maintaining the decentralisation, security and fairness features of a public blockchain. Test results have reflected a 1000x increase as compared to existing solutions currently in the market with an average throughput of 30,000 transactions per second (tps), 5 seconds block time and negligible fees.

Since Elrond’s inception, the project has made notable progress both technically…

I know a few people who touch the stars. They all followed their dreams and finally succeeded. Today they built one of the best ports of the blockchain sea. With the discovery of the Blockchain network, the formation of this big-minded team was triggered. They have worked on exciting projects in the fields of academic research, global engineering, building long-term companies, building large-scale systems and Google Maps, Apple Siri and AWS Infrastructure. I’m sure you asked him what happened and who he was.

In 2018, 16 people whose dreams and talents complement each other came together and laid the foundations…

Hello everyone, we are all aware of the speed of developing technology in recent years and we are now in an electronic age. we are in a technologically violent race in this new age. Each sector is competing in its domestic market and the best ones are always at the forefront. With the advent of bitcoin in 2009, this pioneering crypto gave us the incredible potential of blockchain technology. After the discovery of Blockchain, projects using this wonderful network began to emerge. Today I’m writing to tell you about a new project with the latest technology and the latest features.

Moj početak

Počeo sam se zanimati za blockchain tehnologije u proljeće, kada je započeo brzi rast tržišta kriptovaluta. Kao investitor uložio sam dio svoje ušteđevine u kriptovalute. Kako se ispostavilo, nisam izgubio. Trgovao sam na burzi Binance i ulagao u različite kripto valute, sudjelovao na nekoliko ICO-a. Tada sam proučavao blockchain tehnologiju i zanimao me Mainnet.

Prvi ozbiljniji projekt u kojem sam sudjelovao bio je projekt Pangea iz Harmonije. Imajući vlastiti Mainnet, testirali su novu mrežu. Tada sam prvi put upoznao VPS, Linux, Ubuntu i Debian. Dva mjeseca sam sudjelovala u tome.

Hi friends, I am continuing my Harmony ONE Protocol review in full swing. As you know, the processing speeds of current technologies are now criticized by many users. Although many crypto currencies are pioneers of Blockchain technology, they have a very slow speed. There are many blockchain projects with a processing speed of 5 to 15 per second. Of course, the demand for block chain projects has increased dramatically in recent years. This brought many problems. Slow speed and safety are the most important. …

The human son has been in need of development throughout its history. He has always been curious and researched from space science to the latest generation technologies in our world. As a result of the accumulation of all humanity, our world has made an incredible progress in science and technology. Blockchain technology is one of those great things. Today, I would like to tell you about Harmony ONE Protocol, one of the thousands of projects in blockchain technology. I wanted to start my investigations from the platform that promises the most remarkable, future-oriented hopes for me.

It was a really…

Starting in mid-2019 and continuing under the leadership of Binan, the IEO trend brought technically important projects into the world of blockchain. Binance management analyzed the projects to be presented to the market very well and preferred high quality projects. One of these quality and important projects is the Compliance Protocol.Investors gave great importance to technical details during the ieo stage and chose the projects to invest according to these criteria. Harmony protocol was one of the first 3 projects to receive the best investment during the binance ieo phase. Of course he deserved this result. In particular, it was…

Hi friends Imagine a project, a project that has proven itself technically and technologically. Therefore, I will not tell you the technical details of this project today. I will talk about the issues not mentioned in the introduction of many projects so far.


As you know, the Elrond community has been introducing elrond’s great features for a long time. Both the project team and our community, which took part in the development of Elrond, have always been proud to introduce this project which has very good features to this market.
The most effective feature of Elrond is that…


Blockchain enthusiast

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